Welcome to the web site of the South Snowdon Wharf Estate.

This web site is for all those people who know and love this unique estate. It is specifically aimed at sharing information with all of the owners who are spread throughout the United Kingdom.

The noticeboard link has a copy of the May and January updates, below are intermediate updates


TV Signal

A couple  of residents raised concerns in their service charge responses about the TV signal. We currently have two aerials on the mast one pointing to the main transmitter near Aberdovey and the other one pointing to the local relay station. The objective was to provide a backup signal if the main transmitter was down, but this does not happen. We have investigated pointing only to the local transmitter but this is apparently not any more reliable and as there are no engineers onsite there if it does go down it can be out for days.

The recommendation from the engineer is to have only one aerial to avoid the risk of interference, but to upgrade it to a higher power. This work has been done and the signal power has increased. We would still expect there to problems sometimes dependent on the weather comon to the rest of Porthmadog but the signal should now be a bit more reliable. Without a very significant investment with cabling on the whole estate we are adviced there is little more that can be done. 

Wall Works

Although the work to the tops of the wall had been arranged for the spring the contractor has moved the date back which would mean work going on during the Easter holidays when the estate is busy. We are therfore negotiating a date soom after Easter.