Welcome to the web site of the South Snowdon Wharf Estate.

This web site is for all those people who know and love this unique estate. It is specifically aimed at sharing information with all of the owners who are spread throughout the United Kingdom.

The noticeboard link has a copy of the May and January updates, below are intermediate updates


Balcony "Glass"

You may have noticed several balconies ont he estate replacing their balcony protection for wahat appears to be new glass balconies. Following many different enquiries we have produced a simple design brief which can be found by clicking here.

The exisiting railings are not strong enough to take glass so the new balconies use 8mm polycarbonate, this is not as durable as glass but is significantly cheaper and will not discolour as quickly as some older glass used onthe estate. There are a few examples of glass being used but this is where either new steel work has been put in or for the enclosed balconies where new steel has been put in but supported by walls.

We are in discussion with a contractor on possible glass solutions for baclonies that are not internal and if a solution is found we will post informaiton here for everyone.