Welcome to the web site of the South Snowdon Wharf Estate.

This web site is for all those people who know and love this unique estate. It is specifically aimed at sharing information with all of the owners who are spread throughout the United Kingdom.

The noticeboard link has a copy of the May and January updates, below are intermediate updates


Council Tax

In December 2016 Gwynedd Council agreed to charge a 50% premium on council tax for second homes commencing in April 2018. They have now written to all owners where their records show the property is not registered as a sole or main residence so they can update their records for charging the premium next year. (if you are registered for business rates you will not have received a letter as it does not apply to you)

There are exceptions where the premium will not apply in particular "Class 6: Seasonal homes where year-round occupation is prohibited". THere are many rumours around the estate on whether this applies, the only evidence we have at the moment is the June 1967 planning permission which states that the “development shall be used for holiday purposes only and shall not be used for permanent residential use and during the period 15th January to the last day of February each year none of the dwellings shall be occupied unless the prior approval of the Local Planning Authority has been sought and obtained for the occupation of any particular dwelling or flat during that period”. The reason stated is that “the proposed dwellings are considered not to conform to standards appropriate for permanent residential use in respect of size and space about i.e. garden and yard space”. A copy of the permission can be found here June 1967 Planning Permission

There is a rumour that the owner of the estate appealed against this restriction and it was overturned in 1970 but we have not seen and evidence of this. In the circumstances replying to the questionnaire stating your property is exempt becasue of clause 6 would seem reasonable and wait for the council to prove otherwise.

Although we would agree with the many comments that the preimum is unjust there was consultation last year and we are not aware of any strong grounds if the planning restriction has been removed. If anyone has ideas on how the premium could be avoided or gets more information we would be happy to share them on the web site and by email.

For those residents that let out their property commercially for more than 10 weeks of the year it would be possible to apply for business rates which at the moment because fo small rates relief there is no tax to pay at all. This is done via the valuation office and you have to show evidence of previous lettings and the property is commercially advertised.